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Immigration to Canada is a process that requires professional care.


Canada Immigration Online

Canada Immigration Online was created with the main objective of placing our clients on the top of the agenda, putting them and their best interest first, providing them with the absolute best customer service and treat each and every individual with highest level of respect and professionalism. We believe that making a client happy not only guarantees that more clients will come, but perhaps even more importantly- that it will create a long term brand loyalty and a lifetime positive reputation. Your success is our success, not the other way around.

Who We Are

Canada Immigration Online is a company that focuses on helping clients from all over the globe start their Canadian immigration process in the easiest and quickest way while getting the best results.

What We Do

We offer a variety of packages and services, starting from an assessment and going as far as making sure the client has received their visas as quickly as possible and with the least effort.

How We Work

We have an experienced team of immigration lawyers who keep in contact with our clients. We offer our Canadian immigration services online, available anywhere, and get the best results.

Why Canada?

The countless amount of both statistical and qualitative data that has been gathered over the past few decades shows that Canada is without any doubt one of the most prosperous, advanced, diverse, safe, exciting, beautiful and cosmopolitan countries in the word. In this section we have assembled some useful facts for you.

The Benefits


  • Canada has one of the most prosperous economies in the world.
  • High GDP per capita (38.23 USD in 2014 (data reported by the World Bank)
  • Versatile markets and large number of jobs created every month.
  • One of the lowest unemployment rate (7.2% in January 2016).
  • High hourly wages; 23.8 CAD/hour in December 2015 (data reported by Statistics Canada’).
  • A wide variety of business opportunities.
  • Business based visas are granted to self-employed, investors, entrepreneurs and business visitors. Government and Corruption
  • Canada has one of the lowest corruption rates; in 2015 Canada is listed 9th as the least corrupted nation (data reported by Transparency International).

The health care system in Canada is fully funded by the government and it is ranked as one of the best health care systems in the world. Safety and security

Canada is known to be as one of the safest countries worldwide.

Canada is known to be as one of the most diverse and multicultural society and it has mesmerizing cities, provinces, historical structures and attractions.

Why Canada Immigration Online?

There are many companies which provide immigration services to Canada. Choosing the right company will make the process smooth and fast. 

Canada Immigration Online has a unique way to handle applicants who wish to come to Canada. We were able to make the process Easy & Simple so everyone who wish to check their eligibility and complete the process can do it in the best way.

Our process has only 2 simple steps:

1st Step is where we will start collecting basic information to create your immigration profile. Then we will forward your information to our Canadian Immigration Lawyers for an Initial Assessment to evaluate your profile and analyze it in order to find the best immigration programs which suites you. At this point you will know if you are Eligible to immigrate to Canada and how will you do it.

2nd Step is the part you will choose the most desired program based on the results from our lawyers. We have various programs like Express Entry and Business Visas or Temporary Visas such as Work and Students permits. In this step we will gather documents to prove all of the information you provided and we will build an immigration application for you and your family. As soon as all the requirements will be gathered our lawyers will submit your application.